About Us

For more than three decades, Swailes & Company has been providing investigative and security consulting services to a wide range of multi-national corporations and major law firms. Our clients represent diverse sectors and industries, such as:

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Real Estate
Financial Services
Property Management
Cruise Lines

Oil Field Services
Medical Equipment
Oil & Gas Pipeline Industries
Military Equipment Production
Software Development
Major Deep Sea Ports
Governmental Agencies
Professional Sports

Our foundation was built on investigations over 30 years ago. However, we soon realized that our clients required expertise in several related areas as well. Therefore, by the end of our first decade, we had established new verticals to address those needs in digital forensics, consulting services, and pre-employment background checks.

Our approach is simple yet effective. We listen to your concerns, evaluate your issues, and develop a customized strategy that revolves around your specific needs. We are committed to delivering the best results for you while adhering to the principles of efficiency, effectiveness, and legality.

When you work with Swailes & Company, you can expect to work with a team that has a profound understanding of business and legal sensitivities. We understand the importance of working with integrity and transparency, and our corporate experience enables us to collaborate with various stakeholders, including your legal department, human resources, information technologies, board of directors, and outside counsel.

We always prioritize your best interests when dealing with a sensitive issue, either in litigation or internally. We have the expertise to handle your needs with professionalism and care, whether you need a simple or complex solution. Feel free to explore our experience in the various segments, and if it aligns with your needs, reach out to us. Our philosophy is centered around creating value-added partnerships rather than resorting to hard-selling tactics. At Swailes & Company, we'll be happy to discuss your concerns without any obligation.

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