Investigations - The Foundation of Swailes & Company

Swailes & Company, Inc. has been an investigative firm since its inception. The mindset of a seasoned investigator is ingrained in all segments of the company, be it Digital Forensics, Consulting Services, Business Investigations, or Employment Backgrounds. The three common traits shared by all segments are investigative curiosity, a strong desire for truth, and professional integrity.



Fraud Investigations
Litigation Support
Employee Theft/Embezzlement
Trade Secret Theft
Employee Misconduct
Conflicts of Interest
Sexual Harassment


FCPA Investigations
Commercial Bribery
Due Diligence Investigations
Asset Searches
In-Depth Background Investigations
Social Media Investigations
Workplace Violence

Our team of investigators possesses decades of experience in the field, and is widely recognized as a leader in investigative techniques, interviewing skills, liability mitigation, and providing solutions that are unparalleled in the industry. Our primary area of expertise lies in the development of investigative strategies that furnish our clients with credible and compelling evidence through exhaustive fact-finding, probing interviews, digital forensics, and  the development of other admissible facts that lead to an appropriate resolution of the issue at hand. We take pride in our capability to deliver high-quality investigative services to our clients, and our team remains committed to upholding the highest standards of professionalism and ethical conduct.


When you should not engage Swailes & Company Investigators?

If you’re looking for an investigator to support a predefined position without regard to opposing facts, we would not be the best fit.


When you should consider Swailes & Company Investigators?

If you’re a business or law firm needing investigative muscle to discover and document the truth, this is where we shine. It’s why publicly traded companies, privately owned enterprises and leading law firms have engaged Swailes & Company for more than 30 years.

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