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We are highly skilled and experienced in providing a range of investigative and security adjacencies that can greatly benefit your organization. Our services include comprehensive Security & Risk Assessments,  robust Intellectual Property & Trade Secret Protection, and advanced Technical Surveillance Counter-Measures (TSCM) that can protect your business from potential threats.

For nearly as long as we've been in business, Swailes & Company's Consulting Services division has been a trusted partner for businesses across a wide range of industries and organizations. Our expertise lies in helping clients identify, analyze, and mitigate their operational risks, regardless of whether they are located in bustling urban centers, remote rural areas, or even in high-risk regions of developing countries. At Swailes & Company, our priority is to provide our clients with the necessary security solutions that allow them to focus on their core business.

Risk Assessments, Security Assessments, TSCM, IP Protection,

Security & Risk Assessments

In the course of investigating problems we also assist companies in dealing with concerns before they become problems. We’ve been doing this for nearly as long as we’ve been in business, adding value to a large cross-section of industries and organizations. Swailes is well equipped to help clients identify, analyze, and mitigate their operational risk be it in large cities, rural areas, or in hostile regions of third-world countries. Our goal is to allow you to focus on your business, not your security risk.

We can assist with several aspects of operational risk management including:

Asset Protection
Employee Travel Risk Management
Development of or refinement of existing security programs
Pre-Decision Due Diligence
Global Intelligence
Regulatory Compliance
Vulnerability Assessments and Recommendations

Audit and Compliance Reviews
Adherence to Industry Standards and Best Practices
Training and Exercises
Security Staff Augmentation
Project Management
Technical Security System Requirements
Active Shooter

Our security consulting services are backed by our extensive experience, technical knowledge, in-house research capabilities, adherence to industry standards, and a global network of resources. Our aim is to deliver significant outcomes to clients while considering the value vs cost proposition.

Intellectual Property Protection

Trade Secrets Intellectual Property Protection IP

Are your competitors getting hold of your confidential business information?

The theft of your technology, unique processes, or customer information, whether protected by patents or safeguarded as trade secrets, can be extremely damaging. In fact, you may not even realize that the theft has occurred until several months or even years later. By then, your competitor may have caused a decline in your market share, eroded your margins, or worse, forced you into a fire sale or business failure. And all of this could have started with the theft of your business information.

Do you know when the theft happened, and do you have any idea who might have done it?

Generally, the loss of confidential business information occurs within a few weeks of a risky event, such as the departure of a key employee. Unfortunately, we often see that the critical data, also known as crown jewels, is unlawfully copied and taken out of the company. This can happen in various ways, such as storing it on a USB drive or personal NAS device, attaching it to an email, sending it to a personal account in the cloud, or even hiding it in an image using steganography.

Did you know that more than 60% of employees who leave a company take business data?

This usually happens for a few reasons:

"I worked on this, so I deserve to keep a copy.”
"I'm taking this to compete with you."

While the first motive may not necessarily involve commercializing the data, it still puts your confidential information at risk. As for the second motive, it's crucial that you take immediate action to protect your data.

Swailes IP Protection was established to offer top-notch investigative and digital forensic solutions to victims of IP theft.

Our team possesses unique expertise in developing comprehensive Insider Threat and IP Protection programs. We aim to aid innovative organizations in identifying, prioritizing, and safeguarding their trade secrets.

Consider using Swailes IP Protection if:

You have unique products, service offerings, or market-leading technologies, or if you have concerns about departing employees or emerging competitors poaching your key personnel. Swailes IP Protection can help you protect your confidential business information and prevent third parties or nation-state actors from stealing your intellectual property.

TSCM (Technical Surveillance Counter Measures)

Sweeping for "Bugs" - The Real Story

Swailes has been performing technical surveillance counter measures surveys or TSCM "bug sweeps" since the mid-90s, although they are not typically conducted in the way that television or Hollywood portrays them. Most theatrical depictions of a bug-sweeping event are accompanied by handheld devices, blinking lights, or some sort of magic wand. However, the reality of a professional TSCM survey is far more complex than what is usually seen on television or movie screens.

The detection of illicit eavesdropping devices requires skilled technicians using highly specialized equipment, such as a spectrum analyzer, to conduct RF emissions analysis. A typical TSCM survey (or sweep) covering just a few offices and a boardroom will take several hours for the Swailes' team to complete. It includes the use of other high-end pieces of equipment coupled with a thorough physical examination of the specified areas and surroundings to detect any illicit devices or evidence of such devices having been there. During the debugging examination, several items may be uncovered.

      Hidden Cameras        Wired & Wireless Listening Devices
      Telephone Line Taps        Carrier Current Bugs
      Instrument Modifications        Microphones
      Laser Listening Devices        Unsecured Documents

As part of our process, we conduct a thorough evaluation of the radio frequency (RF) spectrum. This evaluation involves analyzing all encountered signals for their AM, FM, video and sub-carrier composition. We also investigate devices on the power lines to detect the presence of very low frequency (VLF) RF transmitters, such as carrier current parasitic devices, radiating intercoms, and public address systems. Additionally, we examine telephone instruments and lines in the survey area to identify any RF emanations. This survey is typically carried out after hours, but can also be done prior to a live monitoring session, such as during a critical board meeting, M&A discussions, or sensitive meetings.

Moreover, we conduct an extensive, electronically enhanced, non-destructive, and physical examination of the area to locate any items or devices not detected during the radio and telephone portions of the examination. This examination includes storage areas, ceilings, air conditioning ducts, electrical outlets, switches, picture frames, furniture, and plants. This physical portion of our survey is often the most time-consuming and sets us apart from others who spend only a few moments in a room with a "bug detector" and then call it swept.

Understanding the vulnerabilities of your business is a crucial aspect of risk management. Failure to do so can have a swift and lasting impact, leading to personal, emotional, and financial damages, which can be devastating. In such scenarios, it is advisable to undertake a professional "sweep" to identify and mitigate potential risks. This proactive approach can help safeguard your business, minimize the damage caused by a breach, and ensure continuity of operations. By availing of such services, you can gain valuable insights into your business's vulnerabilities and develop effective strategies to address them.

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